Frequently Asked Questions

What is a BioDigitalPC®?
The BioDigitalPC® Card is a credit-card sized computing platform, which contains an AMD or Intel CPU, RAM and an SSD. You then plug the BioDigitalPC® Card into a Docking Station so you can power it and access its input and output ports, like USBs, PCIe and DisplayPort(servicing DP/HDMI/DVI/VGA).

Where can I buy the BioDigitalPC®?
Please contact one of our resellers on our Resellers page, or you can contact ADDC directly at 516.673.4444

Why should I buy the BioDigitalPC®?
Because it's awesome! But seriously, the BioDigitalPC® Ecosystem is forwards and backwards compatible, so when ADDC comes up with a new BioDigitalPC® you just have to plug the new one in and you are upgraded. You also get to take your data wherever you go, just plug it into the Docking Station that makes sense for you. Working from home? Take a look at the Desktop Dock 2.0. Working at the office? Maybe they purchased some All-In-One Monitor Docks. The BioDigitalPC® Docking Stations ecosystem is expanding every day, so check back often for new Docking Stations, in new form factors, and with new features.