The BioDigitalPC® is well suited for public safety and law enforcement agencies

ADDC for Public Safety and Law Enforcement

Replaced 150lbs, of Server and Computers with less than 5lbs of BioDigitalPC®s

The Challenge:

Deploying a mobile command center solution that requires less power, space, and cooling.

Like many hospitals and emergency service units nationwide, Atlantic County needed a solution that took up less space, required less power, and provided greater functionality.

The Solution:

Deploying the ADDC BioDigitalPC® with a mounted docking station replaced the tower boxes which were bolted on below each desk.

Each fully rugged BioDigitalPC® weighs just two ounces. When combined with a docking station the total weight is just eight ounces making the total solution less than ten ounces. The solution saved nearly 90% in weight. The cards have quad-core CPU capabilities and replaced Atlantic County‚Äôs server and desktops without skipping a beat.

Prior to BioDigitalPC®s the chairs couldn't fit under the desks. Now they have room to move around.
MobylPCs turn any existing laptop or embedded vehicle system into a mobile docking station.

Law Enforcement Challenge:

To enable officers to roam from car to the station after a shift is complete or to move from car to car in situations where an officer has to assist another precinct.

Most Law Enforcement vehicles have mounted laptops or embedded computer systems making it impossible for an officer to complete a shift in comfort. Officers just have to stay in their vehicles after a shift is complete to finish their reports.

MobylPC with Dock 2.0

The MobylPC Desktop Dock 2.0 provides the MobylPC Card with a fully functioning desktop computer experience. Its simplicity, very small size, and low power consumption provides convenience and flexibility.

The Solution:

Provide each law enforcement officer with a rugged MobylPC card while equipping vehicles with Dock 2.0 docking stations.

Each officer can now work in their vehicle and once their shift is complete they simply unplug their MobylPC card, go into the precinct, plug their card into another docking station and continue their work.

Law Enforcement can carry their card wherever they go, making it easy to complete tasks anytime.