The Mobyl Data Center 8 (MDC-8) is a true alternative to server rooms

ADDC Solutions for Small to Medium Businesses

The Mobyl Data Center 8:

ADDC’s MDC-8 provides businesses with a genuine alternative to server rooms and small data centers. The MDC-8 houses 8 quad core servers, up to 8TB of SSD storage and easily fits on any office desk. The MDC-8 uses the simple pluggable MobylPC cards and requires no cooling or special power hookup.

ADDC's newest Mobyl Data Center 8 (MDC-8) with 8 Server, 8TB SSD storage and full Cisco Switching
BioDigitalPC® cards can be pre-installed with a number of popular business applications.

Pick Your Server Card

Why hassle with expensive installations or complex learning curves? Fed up with taking care of outdated software?

Order a pre-installed MobylPC card complete with your selected business systems. Upon arrival simply plug-and-play.

Run Critical Applications

The MDC-8 houses up to 8 MobylPC cards with memory from 2GB to 8GB of RAM and quad-core Intel CPU. The MobylPC can run virtually any critical business application.

MobylPC cards can be pre-installed with a number of popular business applications.
Server rooms take up space, require support, and need to be refreshed every 3 years

The Challenge:

Many businesses are moving to cloud computing but are faced with the challenge of keeping certain equipment and computing on premise.

Today businesses are still maintaining a server room or small data center on premise while moving certain applications to the cloud. Current solutions don’t compliment this move and continue to require cooling, onsite support, and are costly to refresh new equipment.